Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The hidden secret of aggressive spiritual protection

What is spiritual protection? The most general definition is to be free from factors that may drain our positive energy and/or infuse negative energy into our body. A common source of negative energy is anger - which can be self-induced or other-induced. A simple method to diffuse one's anger is to do some zhan zhuang or meditation.

What is aggressive spiritual protection? It is a kind of spiritual protection that can also be used to harm other people spiritually. Well, I'm not talking about the "technique" of making another person angry! BTW these people are really energy drainers and better for us to avoid.

One example of this kind of aggressive spiritual protection (cum attack!) can be found in a lineage of Chinese Magicians (朮士): "Eight Doors to hide the leader" (奇門遁甲). Rumors had it that these folks could, among other skills, change the weathers at their wills to their advantage! Texts on this subject matter, like other magical techniques, are obscure, for obvious reasons of secrecy. One famous Japanese practitioner (高籐聰一郎) who was introduced to these stuffs in Taiwan and whom I mentioned a few times in this blog, had written a book on the subject based on his own learning and practical experience.

One of his methods (based on the teaching of "Eight Doors to hide the leader") is very interesting, and I would like to list the main points here:
  1. Use a special Baqua (八卦) drawing with eight different pointed weapons (all taken from war-weapons in ancient China) to go with each trigram, which in its turn represent eight different doors : Doors of Life (生), Rest(休), Openness (開), Fear (驚), Death (死), Respect (景), Terminate (杜), Sadness (傷)
  2. Meditate on this drawing (with some mythical instruction to signify its authenticity, that I'll leave out here)
  3. Visualize each pointed weapon (one at a time) to leave the drawing and to travel round the meditation to protect him.
  4. With more proficiency, the meditator can direct a weapon to strike out and attack!
If the above can be considered as mind-only, the following advice is more physical: In order to that the meditator can really feel the the power of the pointed weapon, he was asked to place a sharp object (such as a knife) to the back of his hand (of course, to register the fear and power but not actually hurting himself).

With this body-cum-mental training, a practitioner will be conditioned to truly feel protected (or able to attack) when he believes a certain situation warrants his doing so!

So much for the subject now, I shall go into its ramifications in a future post.

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