Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tai chi as a body sculpturing system

Have you ever wonder why slow moving exercise like tai-chi can be done as heavy-duty exercise like weight lifting?  A practitioner who has done tai-chi for some period of time, say for a couple of months, may begin to feel a sluggish sensation when doing the form or doing zhan zhuang (with nano movement).  Accompanying this sluggish feeling is a special feeling like electricity or molten metal flowing inside one's body.  And practitioners call it: chi.  And as time progresses, assuming that a practitioner does it correctly (well, there is faulty yoga, faulty weight lifting, and also faulty tai-chi), a practitioner's body structure will gradually align towards (though never getting there, in theory and practice) a "perfect" structure, a quintessential system of body sculpturing!

Let's tackle the question: Where does the exercise come from?  In a modern gym, work done inevitably involve moving heavy objects or spring/dead-weight resistance .  Beginners move lighter ones whereas seasoned practitioners move heavier ones.  The logic is simple, the science is perfect. The question becomes: where is the heavy object or resistance that one has to overcome in doing tai-chi (or chi-kung or nei-gong or Taoist meditation, the same theory applies)?  By being trained under tai-chi's (or chi-kung's etc) specific method of mindful focus, a practitioner liberates his mind-body's natural tendency to move towards "perfection", from an initial imperfect mind-body condition.  The act of moving one's body structure from an imperfect state towards a perfect stage would involve a lot of energy expenditure, as well as a lot of patience, but with the benefits of immediate positive feedback (one can feel that one is progressing at a "high" speed that is allowable by "nature", overall and specific).  And the last point reflects the fact that many seasoned practitioners (me included) are so addicted to the art!

Last but not least, doing tai-chi as a body sculpturing system is a non-competitive game. It doesn't matter another person may have a better body structure than the practitioner, what matters is the practitioner is improving (and can positively feel he is improving!) his body structure with every minute that he spends on his practice!

How to do it?  Ask your teacher, assuming that he knows what he is doing...:):)

Sculpture your body with tai-chi


  1. For decades, the heels of my shoes used to wear like this: /\

    After a year or so of zhan zhuang, they began to wear evenly.

    Just think what must have been going on with my alignment!

  2. Wonderful! Rick, you are a role model for practitioners or would-be practitioners. I was told that in Japan people are putting zhan zhaung into various alignment training (other than power training for various purposes and as general health improvement exercise). The latest trend is body/structural sculpturing for young and middle aged Japanese ladies, specifically opening their shoulder blades (chest up) and pelvic joints (buttocks up)!


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