Sunday, October 14, 2012

What do you want to learn?

Many years ago, a friend of mine from Australia came to visit me and complained about his excruciating back-pain.  He just landed after this long-haul flight and told me that he almost asked for a wheelchair upon arrival, only the embarrassing image of a healthy and well-built male gailo (foreigner) on wheelchair urged to him to walk on, despite... "Like trying some chi-kung cure?" To speak the truth, I was just trying to be helpful.  I didn't promise him anything, and I couldn't.  And so he did 10 minutes zhan zhuang with me.  As the old saying goes, everything is history, his back pain disappeared totally, and didn't come back during his whole trip in Hong Kong.  He promised me to keep practicing when he was back to Australia.  He never practiced again.  He got his reason: "I have no more back pain"!

I have a friend who liked chi-kung, tai-chi and the stuff.  He spent a lot of time seeking good teachers to learn his stuff from.  The time I met him a few years ago he told me that he recently learned the golden turtle from a lineage student of late master Cheng Tin Hung.  He said he didn't have much time to practice due to his busy schedule, which incidentally included attending a course by another prominent teacher on I-Ching and chi-kung, and, as I could see that he treasured his lecture notes a lot, as he didn't want to share them with me.  And yet, after me telling him that I considered myself quite an expert on the stuff, he asked me to give him a lesson which I was glad to.  As usual, I started with basic zhan zhuang.  His body didn't seem being connected to be able to generate much chi, though he told me that he learned from different prominent masters.  He did sweat a little bit after the session, and he had some good feeling as I could witness.  He thanked me and promised to practice daily as per my advice and would come for another lesson a few months later.  He never came back.  Fair to him, he did call me and apologize to me - "I'm just too busy"!

We got what we want, didn't we?

It's so easy!


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