Wednesday, March 20, 2013

China's internet monitoring activities

When I traveled to Mainland China, I can't access my blog. I was told overseas blogs are blocked in China, as a standing policy for years. A moment ago, I tried Website Pulse to check it real time, their Shanghai connection was blocked. Likewise Youtube is also blocked in China. Interested readers can use information from this website to check the existence of blockage on any website.

The above is almost common knowledge, what is my purpose of bring the subject in?

The reason is that from time to time I noticed that there were isolated pageviews of my blog from China, as indicated in my Blogger statistics.The only answer I can figure out (assuming that Blogger software didn't make occasional mistakes), my blogs are being viewed occasionally by some guys in China who are free from such blockage. And the most likely guys are those who are in authority, or perhaps actually do the blocking.

I hope these guys from the authority are genuinely interested in the subject matter, instead of monitoring my blog. The latter case made me a little bit disturbed, not that I feel nervous, but the fact that their net for monitoring is indeed wide - afterall, mine is an (almost) non-political blog.

PS: Perhaps I should get it more political - just to make these guys feel more nervous...:):)

See no evil....


  1. It’s really amazing thing you told us. It means there is strong internet filtering software to on control on these activities on Internet.

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  2. Knowledge is always better than ignorance...


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