Saturday, September 14, 2013

Learning to become a psychic?

Recently I came across an article by a renowned parapsychologist who used to work out of UCLA’s former Parapsychology Laboratory. An interesting issue was discussed Can one learn to become a psychic? The author's answer is yes, with one qualification: depending on the potential of the individual, like one needs to have certain aptitude to be trained to become a professional athlete, in addition to motivation. A typical psychic training session involves detailed physical observation (of the subject, a photo an envelop etc, just like any psychic does) followed by closed eyes managed deep relaxation and intense visualization concerning the subject.

Who will be interested to learn the techniques of being a psychic? My question.

Being a psychic is being able to see things that are logically and scientifically barred from our immediate sensory experience. Barred by time or space, or both. Isn't it interesting that we can be able to glimpse even a small portion of this divine power? Isn't it a first hand experience of spirituality?

It is also interesting to note that mainstream Buddhist and Taoist meditation texts also supported the possibility of such perception. The practice of religious deep meditation has its respective metaphysical objectives, in most cases, involving a strong belief system grounded solidly in morality. According to his Holiness the Dalai Lama, deity yoga training in Tibetan Buddhism is the quickest way to train an aspiring monk to the highest level of enlightenment - to become a living Bodhisattva to help fellow sentient beings. Taoist Neidan or Immortality aims at training one to put down all worldly attachments and to become at one with Tao. Those enlightened Taoists who choose to come back to live in this temporal world will each become a most giving and compassionate person. A quite different training objective from those who aspire to glimpse into the divine power of a psychic!

In the briefest sense, extrasensory perception is treated as a side-effect in mainstream Buddhist and Taoist practices. When a practitioner's body is richly chi-filled and with a meditative mind, any dream or fantasy of his will become very real. Many deep (chi) meditators will have experience of vivid dreams (very real dreams at night). It is an unavoidable phenomenon. Mainstream Buddhists and Taoists texts warned practitioners not to lured away by these fantasies because even though some may be divine others are camouflaged evil spirits. In scientific lingo: the data is contaminated.

The psychologist will warn you that the danger is a confusion between dream (unreality) and reality. The limiting case being psychosis.

Extrasensory perception is a phenomenon that comes with deep meditation. And as I can see it comes with psychic training too, although in both cases some people are more prone to or more easily get into such a state. Tibetan monks who are looking the next reincarnation of their religious leader probably are looking for this attribute among the kids, among other things (not for expediency reason, since the previous guru had this aptitude, his reincarnate should also have this aptitude!)

One last warning: when the gate has been made to open, it is very difficult to close again. Better be prepared when you intend to open this gate. It is certainly not for fun alone!

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