Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hong Kongers' aspiration according to Les Miserables

I have been out of town for some days. When I came back to Hong Kong I noticed that recently a song from Les Miserables, with new Chinese lyrics, was talked about widely in the city. I shall document this incident here before I shall continue with my meditation and tai chi chi kung postings later.

A video featuring a smart and pretty young girl singing the song was uploaded by many people onto Youtube. One with close to half a million viewers in a matter of a week or so (see below). The same had also been uploaded to some sites in Mainland China, but were quickly removed (by the authority).  I can envision this song to be getting more and more popular as the debate on universal suffrage heated up in the city in the next few months. 

I have translated the beautiful lyric of this song below, though I can't say I have fully captured the richness of original Chinese lyric. The writer of the lyric remained unanimous, but has been rumored to be a heavy weight professional of the music industry. His or her choice of being unanimous is certainly understandable. It is always not a good (business) idea for artists to be involved in politics, especially with the Authority breathing down the city's neck.

為何美夢仍是個夢 還想等恩賜泡影
為這黑與白這非與是 真與偽來做證
為這世代有未來 要及時擦亮眼睛

無人有權沉默 看着萬家燈火變了色
問我心再用我手 去為選我命途力拚
人既是人 有責任有自由決定遠景

Is there anyone who has not yet decided to voice out
Who else can protect my city other than me
born with my rights and with a mind to be my own master
Is there anyone who still dare not utter a word but accept misfortunes as decreed
Is there anyone who still has not waken up
to listen to the song of freedom
to arouse his unalienable conscience to sing our tune
Why beautiful dream has to be a dream waiting for the illusion of bestowal
Let's bear witness to black and white, right and wrong, true and false
For the future of this generation promptly sharpen our eyes

Nobody has the right to remain silent while witnessing myriad twinkling lights of a city going to tarnish
Reflect on my heart and use my hands I give my all for the road I have chosen
Man being man we have the responsibility and freedom to safeguard our future not being taken

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